Soneva Kiri. This award-winning luxury resort is located on Thailand's fourth largest but least populated island of Koh Kood.

It is surrounded by lush tropical rainforest and white beaches. The resort can be reached with a short 70 minute flight with the private plane of the resort, directly from Suvarnabhumi Airport, or alternatively by domestic flight from Bangkok to Trat followed by a short boat ride to Koh Kood.

The Soneva Kiri Experience

Soneva’s experience begins at Bangkok International Airport Suvarnabhumi International Airport. You are greeted by the representative of the Soneva Kiri Private Airport at the gate, accompanied by immigration and checked in at the Soneva Kiri Counter. After a 90-minute flight to Koh Mai Si, our private airport island, you will be taken to the resort pier through a luxury speedboat, where our team will warmly welcome you.

An hour’s flight from Bangkok by private plane but oh so calm. Our resort in Thailand offers an unparalleled combination of luxurious, environmentally friendly design and unforgettable, authentic Thai experiences.

Located on the idyllic beach or the sunny slopes in the rainforest, all villas have beautiful infinity pools, impossible chic furniture, personal electric buggies and impeccable service thanks to Mr./Ms. Friday private butlers.

Highlights include the outdoor Cinema Paradiso, Benz’s Mangrove Restaurant, the Chocolate and Ice Room, the Observatory, Den Den and the spectacular Treetop Dining Pod.

Barefoot Intelligent Luxury at its best. No news, no shoes, Thai style.